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All the award winning Maths Packs are now available as part of iR Online.
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Abacus (2) - *New Teaching Tool*

Our second interactive abacus, ideal for modelling counting forwards/backwards as well as place value.


Write Roman Numerals to 1000

Roman Numerals - *New Teaching Tool*

Write Roman Numerals to 1000.


Function Cards

Function Cards - Teaching Tool

Create endless one step and two step function cards.


Ten Frame, Dienes and Abacus

Dienes, Ten Frames and Abacus - Reveal

Show a variety of counting tools on one screen! Teaching Tool for identifying numbers up to 100.


Tally Charts

Tally Charts - Teaching Tool

Create a Tally Chart or discuss one of the ready-made examples.


Fruit Box

Fruit Box - Teaching Tool

A great problem solving activity, easily differentiated for all ages!


Area and Perimeter

Area and Perimeter - Teaching Tool

Calculate the perimeter and area of rectangles.


Addition Reveal Grid

Addition Reveal Grid - Teaching Tool

A great activity to practise addition. Complete the 3 x 3 addition grid by working out the sum of the numbers in each row and column. The ‘puzzle’ feature challenges you to complete the grid with only a few starting numbers. Differentiate by choosing your objective.


Telling the Time in Words

Telling the Time in Words - *New Teaching Tool*
(Roman Numeral Clock Face)

Set the clock to the given time in words by moving the minute hand.


All your favourite Maths Packs teaching tools, and a host of new activities, are now part of iR Online.
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